Magnetic Tape   

Magnetic Tape
Magnetic on one side with a permanent industrial strength adhesive on the other. Applications are endless.

  • Magnetize plastic or laminated signs, bags or envelopes and display on metal racks, equipment or entry doors.
  • Line tool trays to hold small metal parts.
Magnetic Strips with Adhesive 

Cut Thru the Magnet (CTM)
Peel the precut magnets from the continuous intact liner.
For quick release and assembly



    NEW ITEM              
Part #
1 roll
5 rolls
10 rolls
M1PSACTM2 .060 x 1" x 100' CTM 2"
600 pcs
$60.00 $55.00 $50.00
M1PSACTM3 .060 x 1" x 100' CTM 3"
400 pcs
$60.00 $55.00 $50.00


  • Holding or Hanging
  • Fasteners or Closures
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Offices
  • Stock Rooms
  • Metal Cabinets
  • Metal Entry Doors

Experience and Product Knowledge in the Flexible Magnet Industry

Why choose Label Magnets to identify inventory on metal warehouse shelves? You get a team of professionals with over 25 years of experience in the flexible magnet industry. Our magnetic tape products are designed for the needs and specifications of our customers. Choose from stock sizes that ship within 24 hours or let us create a custom size. There are many applications with magnetic tape and we are passionate about helping you find the most cost effective solution.

Magnetic tape is permanently magnetized and with repetitive applications the material maintains its magnetic strength for the life of the product. Used in all departments ranging from office, marketing, inventory control, shipping and receiving, our products help organize, hold, hang, display or separate. Magnetic tape is easy to cut with scissors, utility knife, paper cutter or we can provide magnetic strips that are ready to use and apply. The industrial strength adhesive provides a quick bond to most flat surfaces.

Magnetic tape can be customized to meet applications where strength and affordability meet function. The standard thickness for magnetic tape is .060" but can be supplied in thicknesses ranging from .030" to .250". Magnetic tape is available in rolls or magnetic strips cut to size and ready to be applied. To make application jobs easier we can supply CTM (Cut thru Magnet). In this process the magnetic tape stays in roll form with the liner intact and the magnet and adhesive are cut to the custom length. This process speeds up magnetic applications and reduces fatigue.

Our experienced staff is ready to help find a solution for your magnetic labeling needs. Select from our stock rolls of magnetic tape or let us customize a size for you. Turn any product into a magnet using magnetic tape and place it on any metal shelf, locker, book case or file cabinet in the office, warehouse or workshop. Our magnetic products will provide the strength needed to get the job done.