Dry Erase Colored Flexible Magnets

Dry Erase Colored Flexible Magnets
Colored flexible magnet rolls can be easily cut to any length with scissors, utility knives or shears. Colored rolls are perfect for labeling products and identifying product locations. Adhere labels or write directly on the vinyl surface. As information changes simply wipe off surface and reuse.

  • Use dry erase markers and easily change information as needed.
  • Color code inventory based on product life cycle.
  • Prioritize work flow on scheduling boards.
  • Track rental or borrowed equipment and supplies.
  • Color code seasonal inventory for new store layouts.
  • Great in offices, conference rooms or in the warehouse.
  • Thickness: .030”, 1/32” thick and is also referred to as 30Mil.

We can cut to size, call for pricing. Contact Us.

Part #
1 roll
5 rolls
10 rolls
.030 x 1″ x 100′
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.030 x 2″ x 100′
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